A Glance Back~The Theater of Youth"
A Glance Back~Have You"Kusama Yayoi-ed" today?"

Five Faces of The Artist
Kim Tae-ho

Five Faces of The Artist
Kim Tschang-yeul

One Day in the Future
Tao Wen-Yueh - Soul to Soul
Lee Lee Nan - He's been here....
Deconstruct the Past from the Future.
2020.03.15 ~ 2020.04.26
Face of The Spring No.20
2020.01.04 ~ 2020.02.16
Owing to My Paranoia
2019.10.19 ~ 2019.12.08
Salon of an Art Collector
2019.08.27 ~ 2019.09.29

Visual Tricks

2019.05.18 ~ 2019.06.30

Wu Hao Retrospective Exhibition - Never Say Goodbye

2019.05.30 ~ 2019.06.02

2109 Art Busan

2019.03.09 ~ 2019.04.27

Flowery Spring

2019.03.26 ~ 2019.03.31

2019 HK Art Central -
The Mystery of Time

2018.12.08 ~ 2019.02.24

Kim Tae Ho -
Aesthetics of Lining

2018.09.15 ~ 2018.10.21
Cynthia Ma -
Dancing Divas of Taiwan

2018.04.14 ~ 2018.05.31
Dream Blossom
2018.03.26 ~ 2018.04.01

Yayoi Kusama V.S. Choe U-Ram 2018 HK Art Central

2017.10.26 ~ 2017.12.10

Ala Aureus

2017.07.28 ~ 2017.09.24

Nothing But Happy

2017.06.03 ~ 2017.09.03

Choe U-ram - [stil laif] in NTMOFA
Official website

2017.05.01 ~ 2017.07.09

What You Will

2016.12.17 ~ 2017.3.12

Kim Tschang Yeul -
God's Tear Drop

2016.11.11 ~ 11.15

2016 Art Taipei -

2016.09.03 ~ 10.23

Future in the Past

2016.05.21 ~ 07.19

Three Travelers Three Epics

2016.03.12 ~ 04.30

Look Up Rose from the Sky

2015.12.19 ~ 2016.01.24

New Light Catch your Eye

2015.10.24 ~ 11.29

Nishizawa Chiharu ‧ Wonderland

2015.09.12 ~ 10.11


2015.07.11 ~ 08.10

Absolute Intuition

2015.05.02 ~ 06.28

Change ‧ I Change

2015.01.17 ~ 03.29

Ye Yongqing ‧ Grand Sight to the Tropic of Cancer

2014.11.15 ~ 12.20

Wang Pan Youn ‧
The Sun Never Sets

2014.09.20 ~ 10.31


2014.06.21 ~ 07.30

Is it paper?

2014.04.19 ~ 05.18
Jang Tarng Kuh ‧ Roadside Theater  
2013.11.08 ~ 11.11
2013 Art Taipei - Glorious Encounter  
2013.06.08 ~ 07.07
Magic Hour  
2013.04.20 ~ 05.26
The Invisible Medium  
2013.03.02 ~ 03.31
Start from Zero Part2 ‧
Small with infinitely large
2012.12.01 ~ 2013.01.06
Dialogs ‧
Korean Contemporary Arts
2012.09.15 ~ 10.28
Yayoi Kusama ‧ Infinity Dots  
2012.06.09 ~ 07.15
Confused, not Confused  
2012.04.21 ~ 05.20
Shinatro Miyake ‧
2011.09.17 ~ 10.23
A Fable of Japanese Contemporary ‧ Ten Sols  
2011.03.05 ~ 04.05
Ye Yongqing ‧
Beyond the Bird
2010.10.09 ~ 11.20
International Contemporary Art - Absolute Glory  
2010.09.11 ~ 10.03
Wu Hao ‧ Blooming  
2010.06.19 ~ 06.30
Zhang Qikai ‧
Mr. Panda's Wonderland
2010.05.08 ~ 05.30
Nishizawa Chiharu ‧
Where are you from?
2010.03.20 ~ 04.18
Eddie Kang's Life Play  
2010.01.16 ~ 02.07
Kwon Ki-soo's New Xanadu ‧
Are you waiting for me?
2009.11.07 ~ 11.29
Yoshitaka Amano ‧
Flying to DEVALOKA
2009.09.12 ~ 10.04
Yang Na&Mu Lei ‧
The Fable of Fairy Tale
2009.03.14 ~ 04.08
Jang TarngKuh's Solo ‧
The Day I Saw Past and Future Sceneries Playing
2008.12.13 ~ 2009.01.04
Being or not Being ‧ Lee Lee Nam's Image Mythology  
2008.09.13 ~ 10.05
Ah Leon ‧ The Memory of the Elementary School  
2008.07.13 ~ 08.05
Kwon Ki Soo ‧
Who's Dongguri?
2008.05.17 ~ 06.08
Eddie Kang ‧ i am a bear  
2008.03.29 ~ 04.22
Tuly Hero  
2008.01.05 ~ 01.27
Super - Animamix  
2007.10.20 ~ 11.08
3L4D of Ultra-new Vision of 21st Century Animamix  








Is it true? Do you really see what your eyes see? And what about the hidden which you can’t see?


It is more than visual confusion, artists always likes to play with realness, illusion and imagination, those infinite ambiguous games of visuality. Sometimes we are so captivated in the games, forgetting that the messages beyond them are the real voice of the artists. Perhaps just like Laozi says, it’s mystery within mystery and the gate of all wondrous ways. The presentation of art is spontaneous, unrestricted of realistic or abstract forms; or one can put it this way, to be freely realistic may actually be more abstract.

Every eye sees differently. Take Mark Rothko, his color blocks are realistic, so realistic that he could transform the words that overflew the canvas into color structures of blurred margins. All is beyond words, no beginning, no end. Or, Chen Ching Liang’s pottery in the shapes of tree trunks or tofu. They look so real that they visually present a postmodernist confusion. Still, it’s clay from the ground after all, and it is the clay that eventually realizes the tree. Chen carves the tree trunks out of clay, and their primitive, timeworn looks are more solid as well as varied than real trees.

So, “To seek realness in illusion and to search for imagination in reality.” are no words of philosophers only. They are also ways in which artists express wonders and through which the audience create their own context of appreciation.

In Kim Tschang-yeul, it’s the perfectly round and clear waterdrops, which let illusive yet realistic existence captured the momentary eternity though it is fleeting.

And in Kim Tae-Ho’s works, it’s the space of complex colors and beehive-like shapes. It may look simple at first glance, but the complexity brings forth the fantastic imagination of visuality and the universe beyond borders and limits. It’s just like the journey of artists creating their work, piling up and carving out, one stroke after another. In between, it’s as if to add up so as to cut out, and cutting out is to demonstrate more beauty and sorrow of time.

As for Wang Pan-Youn, his solitude is never lonesome. The words with no lines, and the emotions with colors only, in his works Wang repeatedly—and silently so—painted simple colors to their core, turned them into lingering yearning and made it bleeding sun. All the words hidden inside Wang’s colors and shapes are for you to explore and interpret.

In Korean artist Bae Joon Sung’s images there’s even more visual confusion. When you thought it was a fully dressed lady appreciating the flowers in the alley, the moment you pass by, you see a naked woman in a room. What one sees may not be what actually is; take a step aside and a step further, and one realizes that it’s the visual magic making jokes to the eyes.

To Thukral&Tagra of India it’s the surrealistic portrayal of real life. Noisy, messy houses; TV, potted plants, flowers & leaves, purses, clothes, all the way to animals outdoors, radio noises and sounds of airplanes passing by. All the hustles and bustles. There are words within paintings, installations within decorations, and images within images. Here, the most ordinary life of the artists is reorganized into the most colorful, splendid wallpapers, expressing the extraordinary everyday life with excellent humor.

In Korean artist Kwon Ki-soo, the stories of his feelings are parables. They are constant sarcasm to himself, as no moment passes when Kwon is not with simple happiness. As long as there’s even ten strokes of hair, bright eyes and smiling cheeks, his Dongurri is the sunny colorful forest. It’s perfection, nonexistent yet being there; it’s Kwon’s delighted jokes with his own feelings.

To Choe U-Ram, the technological creatures from the ancient times to the future are the living dreams. The stainless steel, incorruptible bodies, so delicate and extravagant; in their uncanny body there’s a glowing heart, radiating soft lights; their gentle airy wings expand slowly. They look like bugs, yet they are not; one touch and they awake to talk to you with secret words, and another touch will put them to gentle sleep. Whether Organic or mechanical creatures, they are alive. “It’s real; as long as you are pure enough, you’ll see it,” so says Choe.

Kim Dong-Yoo’s Marilyn Monroe and J.F.K.; one is carved onto the other’s eyes, face and heart. He signifies people in objects and emotions; as he seeks illusions in realities, he actually embraces the real romanticism in the obscurity where reality and illusion intersect.

It is all just fun or tricks? reality or imagination? Artists all love to play with illusions in the realm of reality; or, they may be in the fascinating, bizarre world of the Internet, but enjoying the search for fantastic realness. No matter the characters in anime, myths, video games, AI robots, they are all imaginations projected from a discontent of reality. They all know how exciting and risky this longing is, yet they can’t help being drawn to the pursuit and challenges. All the anthropomorphizing, metaphorizing and life-mimicking; be they fragile or eternal; the works are efforts of the artists in search for a space of free expression aside from those imaginations.

And still, the future and its future seem so unreal beyond our reach, when it constantly awaits before us, mysteriously so. What we have to do is to explore, with our curiosity, march into its immensity, the dreamless world where all dreams come true. When the dream is life and is future, it’s also the most original and intuitive. So, dream or dreamless, illusional and real; which one do you favor more?



Kim Tschang Yeul Waterdrops 150x150cm 1977 Oil on Canvas (Partial)


Bae Joon-Sung The Costume of Painter 160x105cm 2007 Mixed Media


Kim Dong Yoo Kennedy v.s Monroe 116.7 x 91cm  2007Oil on Canvas


Kim Dong Yoo Monroe v.s Kennedy 116.7 x 91cm  2007 Oil on Canvas


Thukral & Tagra SomniumGenero-Aurora 122 x305.5cm 2007 Acrylic and oil on canvas


Choi Byung Jin Yongpari 115X115cm  2006 Oil on Canvas 2 panels


Lu Hsien Ming Blooming 80x61cm  2021 Oil on Canvas (Partial)


CHOE U-Ram  Ala Aureus-Insula  73(w) x 83(d) x115(h)cm   2018  Metallic Material, Resin, Machinery, Electronic Device(CPU Board, Motor, LED)




Kwon Ki-Soo The Universe in The Eyes - Pink 117x91cm 2022 Acrylic on Canvas


KWON Ki-Soo   Universe in the Forest Eye – Microcosm   Ø130cm  2022   Acrylic on Canvas


Jang Tarng Kuh Being Together 35.5x38cm 2003 Oil on Canvas


Kim Tae Ho Internal Rhythm 2019-8 163.5x132cm 2019 Acrylic on Canvas


Pan Youn, Wang - A Dog in the Forest 24x33cm 1996 Oil on Canvas


Pan Youn, Wang - A Buffalo in the Water 80x100cm 1978 Oil on Canvas

Nishizawa Chiharu  Like Today's in Tone   61x73cm  2009  Acrylic on Canvas (Partial)




Yayoi Kusama KUSAMATRIX Dolls 2003 Celluloids






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