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A Glance Back~The Theater of Youth"
A Glance Back~Have You"Kusama Yayoi-ed" today?"

Five Faces of The Artist
Kim Tae-ho

Five Faces of The Artist
Kim Tschang-yeul

One Day in the Future
Tao Wen-Yueh - Soul to Soul
Lee Lee Nan - He's been here....
Deconstruct the Past from the Future.
2020.03.15 ~ 2020.04.26
Face of The Spring No.20
2020.01.04 ~ 2020.02.16
Owing to My Paranoia
2019.10.19 ~ 2019.12.08
Salon of an Art Collector
2019.08.27 ~ 2019.09.29

Visual Tricks

2019.05.18 ~ 2019.06.30

Wu Hao Retrospective Exhibition - Never Say Goodbye

2019.05.30 ~ 2019.06.02

2109 Art Busan

2019.03.09 ~ 2019.04.27

Flowery Spring

2019.03.26 ~ 2019.03.31

2019 HK Art Central -
The Mystery of Time

2018.12.08 ~ 2019.02.24

Kim Tae Ho -
Aesthetics of Lining

2018.09.15 ~ 2018.10.21
Cynthia Ma -
Dancing Divas of Taiwan

2018.04.14 ~ 2018.05.31
Dream Blossom
2018.03.26 ~ 2018.04.01

Yayoi Kusama V.S. Choe U-Ram 2018 HK Art Central

2017.10.26 ~ 2017.12.10

Ala Aureus

2017.07.28 ~ 2017.09.24

Nothing But Happy

2017.06.03 ~ 2017.09.03

Choe U-ram - [stil laif] in NTMOFA
Official website

2017.05.01 ~ 2017.07.09

What You Will

2016.12.17 ~ 2017.3.12

Kim Tschang Yeul -
God's Tear Drop

2016.11.11 ~ 11.15

2016 Art Taipei -

2016.09.03 ~ 10.23

Future in the Past

2016.05.21 ~ 07.19

Three Travelers Three Epics

2016.03.12 ~ 04.30

Look Up Rose from the Sky

2015.12.19 ~ 2016.01.24

New Light Catch your Eye

2015.10.24 ~ 11.29

Nishizawa Chiharu ‧ Wonderland

2015.09.12 ~ 10.11


2015.07.11 ~ 08.10

Absolute Intuition

2015.05.02 ~ 06.28

Change ‧ I Change

2015.01.17 ~ 03.29

Ye Yongqing ‧ Grand Sight to the Tropic of Cancer

2014.11.15 ~ 12.20

Wang Pan Youn ‧
The Sun Never Sets

2014.09.20 ~ 10.31


2014.06.21 ~ 07.30

Is it paper?

2014.04.19 ~ 05.18
Jang Tarng Kuh ‧ Roadside Theater  
2013.11.08 ~ 11.11
2013 Art Taipei - Glorious Encounter  
2013.06.08 ~ 07.07
Magic Hour  
2013.04.20 ~ 05.26
The Invisible Medium  
2013.03.02 ~ 03.31
Start from Zero Part2 ‧
Small with infinitely large
2012.12.01 ~ 2013.01.06
Dialogs ‧
Korean Contemporary Arts
2012.09.15 ~ 10.28
Yayoi Kusama ‧ Infinity Dots  
2012.06.09 ~ 07.15
Confused, not Confused  
2012.04.21 ~ 05.20
Shinatro Miyake ‧
2011.09.17 ~ 10.23
A Fable of Japanese Contemporary ‧ Ten Sols  
2011.03.05 ~ 04.05
Ye Yongqing ‧
Beyond the Bird
2010.10.09 ~ 11.20
International Contemporary Art - Absolute Glory  
2010.09.11 ~ 10.03
Wu Hao ‧ Blooming  
2010.06.19 ~ 06.30
Zhang Qikai ‧
Mr. Panda's Wonderland
2010.05.08 ~ 05.30
Nishizawa Chiharu ‧
Where are you from?
2010.03.20 ~ 04.18
Eddie Kang's Life Play  
2010.01.16 ~ 02.07
Kwon Ki-soo's New Xanadu ‧
Are you waiting for me?
2009.11.07 ~ 11.29
Yoshitaka Amano ‧
Flying to DEVALOKA
2009.09.12 ~ 10.04
Yang Na&Mu Lei ‧
The Fable of Fairy Tale
2009.03.14 ~ 04.08
Jang TarngKuh's Solo ‧
The Day I Saw Past and Future Sceneries Playing
2008.12.13 ~ 2009.01.04
Being or not Being ‧ Lee Lee Nam's Image Mythology  
2008.09.13 ~ 10.05
Ah Leon ‧ The Memory of the Elementary School  
2008.07.13 ~ 08.05
Kwon Ki Soo ‧
Who's Dongguri?
2008.05.17 ~ 06.08
Eddie Kang ‧ i am a bear  
2008.03.29 ~ 04.22
Tuly Hero  
2008.01.05 ~ 01.27
Super - Animamix  
2007.10.20 ~ 11.08
3L4D of Ultra-new Vision of 21st Century Animamix  








Happiness is the genuine freedom, the pleasant feeling from the bottom of the heart, in life and in consciousness.


In the happy farm live all kinds of creatures: flying phoenixes, bees; in the courtyard, cows, horses, cats, dogs, goldfish, raccoons, apes. We see cranes dance and flower blossom, and we hear all the animal sounds. They have the same carefree blood in them, and it’s the panda Monroe running the entire home. In this vast farming land she plants various seeds of pleasance and joy, seeing them flow with the wind and spread happiness.

“Happiness has layers. Take a butterfly for example. When you try to catch it, you usually miss; but if you sit down, quietly so, it flies over and stops on you.” Purposeful or unintended, none is like the impulse. The panda Monroe wishes that all the guest in the homestead feel comfortable here and get to discover the incredible beauty and magical power in the most plain, ordinary small things. The artists see it; do you, too?



Yang Mao-Lin  Panda Sarasvati-MonroeⅡ   129x77x88cm  2008  Bronze sculpture with Gold Foil


The panda Monroe of artist Yang Mao-Lin, in her goddess gesture, rides an enormous beetle and glows gold on her head. Anywhere she goes, she prevails. Jack’s warhorse, also covered in gold saddles and armors, follows along. And he cracks laughing, “I follow happiness only.”


Hung Yi  Little Tabby Cat  38x22x22cm  2009  FRP, paint, bird cage


Hung Yi’s little tabby cat dresses in colors, spring-like, with her sunglasses. It stays in the cage like a rebel, fantasizing that it’s holding a delicious fishbone in the mouth. On the other hand,

Hsi Shih-Pin’s phoenix flies among the walking animals, in the form of stainless steel, turning into graceful curves and beautiful decorative patterns. It’s wings span like a dream, as if they are making a proud announcement that rare beings can come from the most ordinary place.


Hsi Shih-Pin  Uhugu II—The Phoenix    84x63x28cm  2012  Stainless Steel、Titanium Plating


Eddie Kang  Reflection 2  72.5x116.5cm  2008  Acrylic, ink on canvas


Eddie Kang Tension 130x97cm 2010 Acrylic, ink, doll on canvas


Eddie Kang’s bear, forever living in a corner of people’s heart, makes a pure spot out of the crowded, hustle-and-bustle urban space, screaming the most lonesome high notes from the bottom of its heart.

And there is the elegant cat of Jang Tarng-Kuh’s. From the most usual scenario in everyday life, the cat looks around the flowers and fruits in blossom, simple and happy. In contrast, Su Wong-Shen’s dog barks with its teeth gnashed; it ventures as it pleases, composing its life like stories of comfortable countryside. I am of this wild nature and you have your born grace, says the dog to the cat. And the cat gently responds, to me, they are one and the same.


Jang Tarng-Kuh  Abundance  45.5x27cm  2003  Oil on canvas


Yoshitaka Amano  Monochrome S-5  41 x 27.5cm  2009  Acrylic, ink on canvas

As for Yoshitaka Amano’s bees, they are otherworldly spirits. They freely glide amongst the flowers, attracting Wang Pan-Youn’s lonesome horses to stretch their neck, look around and ask of The shape of Pal Dae San In’s ink-painted birds: my solitude is not loneliness, you know that now? Then, joyfully so, Zheng Shan-Shi’s cattle boy tells the calves to go home, and there’s our happy farmstead at the end of the flower-covered path.


Zheng Shan-Shi. Cattle Boy. 45.5 x 69.5cm (81.5 x 123.5cm with frame)  1988. Color Ink


Wu Hao Horse Riding 65x80cm 2011 Oil on canvas

Su Wong-Shen  Weekly Logs  100x150cm  2007  Mixed Media


Lee Lee-Nam. The shape of Pal Dae San In    9min4sec  55inch  2008  ed.1/6  Video Art


hen Yao-Chu  Crane    138x69cm   1989  Color Ink

“The nature of happiness is a state of mind, like a glass of water, plain but full of life,” says panda Monroe. The artists realize that, so they turn into merry gardeners, nurturing flowers of the soul in the midst of all colorful blossom. The crane before the house knows it, and so does the panda in the back of the mountain; similarly but in its own way, the dog in the woods pursues a different kind of freedom, catching its breath and chasing its own landscape.

It's springtime. No more waiting and no preparation needed; now is the time. Happy Farm at Metaphysical Art Gallery, awaits your visit.


Wang Pan-Youn - A Dog in the Forest 24x33cm 1996 Oil on Canvas


Wang Pan-Youn  To Wish  93x93cm  1988  Oil on canvas

Zhang Qi-Kai  The Next Century Flower  179.5x151cm  2005  Oil on canvas



Yang Mao-Lin  Trusty Steed of Knave   19x27x30 cm  2013  ed.7/18 Stainless steel with titanium coating gold foil(Rose Gold)



Liao Yu-An  Can’t See I Can’t See  122x97cm  2007. Acrylic on canvas



Liao Yu-An  Twisting juvenile 3  80x80cm  2007  Acrylic on canvas



Max Liu  Raccoon  36.5x48cm  1998  Mixed Media


  Yoshitaka Amano  DL-I   50x50x10cm  2007    Automotive paint and acrylic on aluminum panel
  Rieko Sakurai  Dress up fish  28.5x28.5cm  2007  Oil on canvas
  Lin Wen-Chiang Cat and the women 41x31.5cm 1994 Oil on canvas




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