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When my work began to move, some viewers were surprised as if they saw the religious statues in the temple or church....This kind of experience gave me the inspiration to create a supernatural mechanical movement art with man-made skill. --- Choe U-Ram

Amazement is like a myth living with time. In the new era of diverse creativity, the age of the creator is no any matter at all. What makes art bewitching is that artists can observe the profundity and mind the viewpoints beyond the ordinary. They can use any fields of materials, concepts or elements to make artworks, and always can create infinite surprise through their profound cultivation inward.

Choe U-Ram is an initiator of new prospect for contemporary anima machine, and the most eye-catching kinetic sculpture artist on the international art stage as well. Each art piece by Choe U-Ram is time-consuming elaborative. He gives temperate life to the cold machine through literary viewpoint and unites with mythological aesthetics, visual art, mechanical sculpture and advanced technology to open up amazing magic of dream spinning one after another; to explore the very first of organism existence nature and predict the end of civilization from the origin. Countless components with the most delicate and harmonious comprise a soft kinetic being which having its percipience and reaction, glittering faintly. His work is like an organism circulating spontaneously with its esthetics of slowly movement, and which is so lifelike as a creature mythology and imagination passed down from the ancient civilizations to the modern times. "Una Lumino Callidus", Choe U-Ram 's new creation in 2015 and "Gold Cakra Lamp"" Gold Insecta Lamp", the representative pieces of the " Not A Lamp Shop" series will be shown for the first time in Taiwan. The incredible mechanically powered creations certainly will amaze every one's eye!

Korea artists are good at experiment on media and breakthrough in conception. In the works of " From Winds" and " From Point", Lee Ufan uses the brush strokes of points, lines and cadence to make the wind stay as well as keep the time, the simplified orient zen meditation full of abstract modernism. Kim Tschang Yeul's " Drops" series represent richly refractive layers and transparency of water in oil colors. With different refraction of light and the texture of the canvas itself, the isolated water drops seem to be touchable and surreal in a flash. Time freezes here and now. Chung Sang Hwa expresses his works by coating and peeling off, destroying and reconstructing repeatedly and constantly. The color blue is vague as dancing wings of butterflies. His utmost caution about every tiny details enriches the depth in simplicity and makes the monochrome painting appear mysterious quality beyond visual dimensions. In "Internal Rhythm" series, Kim Tae Ho simplifies the complex, seeming simple but complicated truly. Layers of oil paint brilliantly shows the rhythm and bewitchment of simplicity- complexity. Lee Jung Woong uses oil paint to create a strong and free ink splash on the traditional Korean paper. The stroke is like spray to the sky caused by rioting stones. Compared to each single hair of the Chinese brush, the vigor and illusion shifting between the power esthetics of East and West is astonishing Yee Sookyung's " Translated Vase" series break the impression on intact shape of Song Dynasty porcelain, cross time and space and re-mold a new experience and life of the era from the ancient materials. In the video artworks, Lee Leenam combines his imagination to masterpieces and making recreations "moving paintings" by technology to subverts the past and the future, time and order. His works achieve more atmosphere and surprises of fantastical world.

All by masters. The exhibition " New Light---Catch Your Eye" in Metaphysical Art Gallery will represent amazing esthetics of time-space shift. The artists create a spectacular circumstance through their unusual sight; represent the utmost complex implications in simplified images;break through the frame of esthetics and ease at the cross of time and space. See the world in a new light.


Choe U Ram / UnaLumino Callidus / 265x40x165(h) cm / 2015 /
Metallic material, machinery, electronic device(CPU board, motor, LED), polycarbonate


Choe U Ram / Gold Cakra Lamp / 18(h)x55(Ø)cm / 2013 /
Metalic material, machinery, electronic device (CPU board, motor, LED)

Choe U Ram / Gold Insecta Lamp / 15x15x36(h)cm / 2013 /
Stainless steel, machinery, electronic device(CPU board, motor, LED), magnet

Lee Ufan / From Winds / 60.5x72.5cm /1984 / pigment suspended in glue, on canvas

Lee Ufan / From Point / 161.5x129cm / 1977 / Acrylic on Canvas
Lee Jung Woong / Brush / 131x200cm / 2007 / Oil on Korean Paper

Kim Tschang Yeul / Recurrence / 80.5x116.5cm / 2014 / Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Kim Tschang Yeul / Waterdrops / 72x60cm / 1981 / Oil on Canvas

Chung Sang-Hwa / Untitled / 161x96cm / 1985 / Acrylic on Canvas

Lee Leenam / New - the conversation between Monet and Sochee / 46inch 5min30sec / 2009 / Dual installation monitor

Lee Leenam / Mukjookdo Ⅱ / 40inch DID / 2008 / 4min Video installation

Kim Tae Ho / Internal Rhythm 2015-29 / 26.5x18.5cm / 2015 / Acrylic on Canvas

Kim Tae Ho / Internal Rhythm 2015-22 / 26.5x18.5cm / 2015 / Acrylic on Canvas Kim Tae Ho / Internal Rhythm 2015-28 / 26.5x18.5cm / 2015 / Acrylic on Canvas

Kim Tae Ho / Internal Rhythm 2015-23 / 26.5x18.5cm / 2015 / Acrylic on Canvas

Kim Tae Ho / Internal Rhythm 2015-25 / 26.5x18.5cm / 2015 / Acrylic on Canvas

Yoon Byung Rock / Autumn's Fragrance / 38.5x80.5cm / 2011 / Oil on Korean Paper

Yee Sookyung / Translated Vase W4 / 36x28x38(h)cm / 2007 Ceramic Shards 24k Gold Leaf

Yee Sookyung / Translated Vase G3 / 30x30x33(h)cm / 2011 / Ceramic Shards 24k Gold Leaf
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