About Metaphysical Art Gallery  

The mission of Metaphysical Art Gallery is to shape the future of art history, with 30 years of experience since it was established in 1989.

Metaphysical Art Gallery not only holds exhibitions for outstanding local and international artists, but also curates themed exhibitions with historical significance. Focusing on the purity of art and dedication towards taste, Metaphysical Art Gallery has successfully turned previously unknown artists into the mainstream, leaving an important trace in context of Taiwanese art history.

The gallery has the honor of representing a range of artists, including three artists who were winners of ¡§National Award for Arts¡¨, they are Zheng Shan-Xi (1997), Wang Pan-Youn(2001) and Chen Ci-Kwan(2004).

Take a decade as a phase to promote the new trend of international contemporary art. In 2007, Metaphysical directed the exhibition: ¡§3rd Life 4th Dimension International Animamix Exhibition¡¨ at the National Gallery, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, presenting remarkable contemporary artists from America, Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. The exhibition has become the pioneer for the coming of the Animamix era, confirming Metaphysical Art Gallery's leading role in international contemporary art.

Metaphysical Art Gallery had curated many international projects, cooperated with a diverse of outstanding Asian and Western artists, as well as collaborations with galleries abroad. Including Kusama Yayoi, Yoshitaka Amano, Shintaro Miyake, Kim Tschang Yeul, Kim Tao Ho, Wu Hao¡K etc., leading the art trend of future.

Our world is getting smaller, and the performance of art is far more than expected. The combination of technology and multi-media art has become one of the trends of international contemporary art. From 2017, Metaphysical Art Gallery has focused on future art combined technology and moving art, holding an exhibition for a Korean artist Choe U-Ram's artworks of Anima Machine in National Taiwan Museum of Art. As the mythical Anima Machine moves slowly, glitters faintly, overflowing with the fantastical power of life which impress audience. The artists also wrote their own definition in art history

The future is in progress. The face of art changing, and the trends provide different strengths. Metaphysical Art Gallery professionally practice the exchange of Taiwanese and international art. Only when it can stand the test of time can it be eternal. So is the artist and artwork, so is the gallery.