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50 years ago, actually, Wu Hao has inferred the time frame of “ Superflat”.

By compressing his main motif flatly to one dimension, yet it creates magic multi-dimensional visual effects. From the block print of the fifties, the establishment of “Oriental Art Society” in the sixties to the colorful and vigorous oil paintings of the seventies. No matter how the time goes, Wu's works, regardless of composition, style, or expressive forms, always stand at the peak of trend in each transitional point of the old and new. Even though Takashi Murakami’s superflat is popular among the international contemporary art nowadays, we finally realize that in Wu’s flattened magical space has also remained mystically the freshness of time.

As time goes by, the girls on Wu Hao’s canvas never becomes old, and those gorgeous flowers in the memory never fade away as well. At the age of eighty, he keeps using the modern form to think about the Orient and reappears the warm spring of the memory, which makes the memory being preserved clearer and happier and thus turns into the resplendent contemporary today. Wu finds irreplaceable himself from Li Chung-sheng’s edification of the creative elements—orient, ego, modern. His paintings stay the beautiful memory and jumping youth; willfully expose the most passionate emotions inside the heart with a peaceful but untrained position. Though the contents and images of his works may change through time, he always sticks to his ideal and searches for the purity of art. He combines the soft and the hard to pursue joys and colors. Even during the desolate years and among shabby objects, he still can find out the splendor and hope.

The horse racing is intense as Wu Hao’s plentiful creativity. The memory seems to follow the curvet of the horse and finally falls on the most colorful page of life. Impressed by his mother’s embroidery patterns and colors; plus the accumulation of life from traditional New Year’s paintings and paper-cut art in his childhood, Wu integrates these abundant life characteristics and pattern symbols to generalize his splendid and cheerful painting style. So the eternal instant of glory and inspiration have been created. This enchanting track of using the modern form to think about the tradition and then again transforming into the modern from the tradition is exactly the modern performance under the bright colors, which shows that Wu Hao’s works keep the local trend as well as internationalization at the same time. In the plane of seemingly crisscrossed space bursts out the great power and beauty at different space and time.

One, a cluster, an acre, a hectare, before eyes are all blooming flowers, and every single one presents the happiness of the existence. Wu Hao’s paintings of flowers form a strong contrast to his woodcuts of old cruddy houses that were made in his earlier years. Viewing from certain angles, we may find these houses also look like some bushes of flowers and tall grasses. Black lines cut and check against each other in the picture. Invisible flowers seem to be existed in the artist’s dreams; the fruits in the paintings along with the flowers grow into the splendid scenery. Wu uses thin and refined lines to draw the details of petals and leaves. The seemingly well-formed or uniform arrangement is enlivened by different shades of colors. There is a dialogue going on between the colorful roses in the golden vase and their counterparts: persimmons, apples and pears that are shattered all over the table cloth of flowery print. The rich colors are talking, and the interwoven leaf stalks are talking too. The overflowing flowers are done in a full illustration and thus a beauty of thickness and fullness is created, which also serves as powerful invitation for viewers to focus on some parts or details. There are diverse layers in a color. Wu Hao enables to use each color to the perfection and transforms it into the magical brilliant color so that his artwork always can attract viewer’s attention. In addition to his talent, there must be a flash of fire coming from inside of the artist, and insist on using his extraordinary sincerity to arouse the nature of flowers, fruits, man and animals.

The more I look at Wu Hao’s paintings, the more I feel that he is walking in the spring and summer of life. Flowers fly and dance. There is always an interval between this flower and the next, emitting different fragrance. At his 50s, Wu’s brilliant talent and splendid colors fly up to the top of his life; at the age of 80, glory is like a dream, drifting between waking and sleeping; flowers are beyond their appearances but each  is a flowering heart still, blooming the youthful joy and vitality. The flowers open just in time, the peonies bloom earlier in Metaphysical Art Gallery, charming and brilliant, fragrant and graceful. Sincerely welcome you all to see the blossom.

Sweet talk 82x82cm  2009 Oil on canvas

Take a stroll 66x66cm  2008 Oil on canvas

Rose's Secret 64x64cm  2010 Oil on canvas

Affection 100x100cm 2008 Oil on canvas

Forever Love 82x82cm  2009 Oil on canvas

Flowers in spring  82x82cm  2009 Oil on canvas
Sway 90x90cm  2009 Oil on canvas

Rich fragrance 81x81cm  2009 Oil on canvas

Horse racing 140x140cm  2009 Oil on canvas

Destiny 72.5x91cm  2009 Oil on canvas

Soft whisper 80x80cm  2010 Oil on canvas

Sparkled in the flowers 82x82cm  2009 Oil on canvas

A cheerful banquet 90x90cm  2010 Oil on canvas

Elixir of Love 140x140cm  2009 Oil on canvas

Blooming month in the spring breeze 64x160  2005 Oil on canvas

Fly with wind 82x82cm  2010 Oil on canvas

Blooming 64x64cm  2010 Oil on canvas

Flower shower 81x81cm  2009 Oil on canvas

The Peony and Persimmon 80x80cm  2010 Oil on canvas

花漾 80x128cm  2009 Oil on canvas

1932 Born in Nanking, China

Attends preparatory courses at Suzhou Provincial Vocational High School From Shanghai to Taiwan by ship "New Health"

1950 Begins studies with Li Chung-sheng
1952 Begins painting at bomb shelter along with Ouyang Wen-yuan and Hsia Yan
1956 Participates in National Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition; Officially form Tong Fan Group
1966 Begins concentration on printmaking, participates in Modern Print Society
1971 15th and final Ton Fan Group Exhibition
1987 Chairman of Chinese Modern Graphic Society
Li Chung-sheng Modern Painting Education Foundation founded, acts as chairman
1991 Presenter, Li Chung-sheng Modern Painting Education Foundation Award 
2004 Created "The Joyous Scene in Spring" 330x130cm, Oil Painting

- Solo Exhibitions -

1971 Wu Hao's Solo print exhibition, Cornucopia Gallery, Taipei
1973 Solo print and sketch show, Germany
1974 Solo oil paintings and prints show, Morrison Art Gallery, Taipei
Solo oil paintings and prins show, Cornucopia Gallery, Taipei
1975 Solo print show, Chinese University, Hong Kong
1976 Solo print show, Che Art Gallery, Hong Kong
1977 Solo print show, Artists Club, Taipei
1978 Print show, Print Maker's Gallery, Taipei
1979 First oil painting show, Print Maker's Gallery, Taipei
One-man Oil painting show, Lung Men Art Gallery, Taipei
1986 One-man Oil painting show, Ming Men Art Gallery, Taichung
1991 One-man show, Contemporary Art Gallery, Taichung
1994 "Wu Hao-Works in 40 years" Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
1997 "Wu Hao's Painting Journey", Taiwan Museum of Art, Taichung
1999 Oil painting exhibition, De Men Art Gallery, Taipei and Taichung
2001 "Shadow of flowers , Lung Men Art Gallery, Taipei
"Wu Hao's solo exhibition", National Central University Art Center, Taoyuan
2002 "Dancing Butterflies Blooming the Paths--Wu Hao's oil painting exhibition", Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei
2006 "Blooming Season" Wuo Hao oil painting exhibition, Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei
2010 "Blooming" Wu Hao oil painting exhibition, Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei
- Group Exhibitions -
1956 Participates in National Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition First “Ton Fan Group Exhibition”, Taipei News Building
 “Taipei Ton Fan Group Exhibition” at Spain, Brazil, Paris, Italy, New York
1958-1971   Second to Fifteenth Ton Fan Group Exhibition, Taipei
1983 Grand Opening Group Exhibition, Taipei Museum Of Fine Arts
1994 Grand Opening Group Exhibition, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts “Epic Exhibition”, Crown Art Center, Taipei
1996 Dong Fang and May Art Association 40th Anniversary Exhibition at the Ji Chan Art 50 Center, Kaohsiung
1999 "Li Chung-sheng with students", Modern Art Center, Taichung
2002 "Happy New Year - Horse" special exhibition, Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei
2003 "The Eastern Romantic", Metaphysical Art gallery, Taipei
2005 "Between Moving and Still", Metaphysical Art gallery, Taipei
- Awards -

Golden Cup Award, Art Society of China Institute, Taipei 

1979 Sixth British International Print Biennale Prize “Peaceful Countryside”, England
1980 Golden Seal Prize, conferred upon by Painting Art Society