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If music be the food of love, play on.
      If creativity be the rhythm of art, beat out.

If music is the food of love as the saying of William Shakespeare, play on, then joy is the soul of art, creativity is the rhythm. Let's go insane. To get ahead of dreams, imagining a small snake gobbling up an elephant, the heaven and earth turning over, the self dancing in the legend, how fascinating the world would be, let art says.

The glorious contemporary is a brave and romantic adventure the artist taken, the vast and unrestricted imagination; the affectionate turn at every instant appears so much meaning and attraction on the artwork. Love can occur tomorrow, maybe? But for creation, an artist seizes the moments, certainly. To express freely and make happy anyway, to march in the destruction, to cross over various and different materials, forms and thinking, the artists keeping on challenging and breaking through themselves are all for a brilliant solo dance under the dazzling spotlight.  

Contradiction and conflict are the natural phenomena for granted, just like art can be kaleidoscopic through the artist's brush. Chu Wei-Bor capriciously and modestly works on the canvas with a space aesthetic of sewing. The cutting and clipping look seemingly careless but actually precise, which creates the dimensional composition of illusion and reality. Those expressive layers are irregular lights and shadows which dance and breathe in the rhythms of color black, white, red and gold. The abstractive expression in Jason Chi's works are untamed and ambiguous as if the tap dance stops abruptly in the bustle, splashing a resplendence all over the misty forest. Keng Hao Kang artfully composes the lovable cartoon characters on the colorful geometric blocks. Times flows with different speeds; reality, fiction and paradox travel-shift in the paintings. The humor and effusion arising from Keng's works make all the grotesque ought to be. We always can see the overlapping beauty of creativity and brilliance in Kuo Bo-Chou's works where the lines, color blocks, and figures dialogue harmoniously with each other; the emotions and desires of life are deconstructed, reconstructed, then extending; the world forms and convolutes over here. If the age of 50 is the turning point of artwork producing, Kuo hopes to work on art with reverse thinking, varying with shapes, and willfully free the life level to a stage of purity. Recording the life on the paintings, Tao Wen Yueh finds the life rhythm and composite symbols through the rich layers of images and implications, the expression free from abstract or concrete aspects. His classic but also modern colors perform a spiritual scenery without any explanation. Everyday life is refined by the times, so the future ahead is full of profundity. Jang Tarng Kuh paints the spring couplets with the flowery cloth in burning red and alluring fruits. Life is tranquil and peaceful though the years went by; those good old memories will keep going with the times. Choe U Ram is an unpredictable talent. He utilizes scientific logics to make the steel mechanical works moving with soft temperature and breath. The flapping metallic wings are delicate as the feathers, looking out for a solitary diamond light glittering at a golden temple. Regardless of Heaven or Hell, dignity or guilt, all the discrepancies and disorderliness in this mortal world will swiftly vanish in the graceful flap of the mechanical wings.

To Break the existing boundaries, speak out aloud the untold secrets in the inner mind, all the absurd and exaggerative behaviors are reasonable. Nothing but surprising. Let's party on twelfth night of art! Please have a spree as your pleasure. You are the world,  “That that is, is.”

Choe U Ram / Temple Lamp / 82(h)x36(w)x50(d)cm / 2013 /
metallic material, machinery, 24k gold leaf, glass, resin, CPU board, motor, LED


Chu Wei Bo / Monument / 130x163cm / 1996 / Mixed Media, Cotton


Chu Wei Bor / Blessing Series-Circles and Dots / 80x100cm / 2016 / Mixed Media, Cotton

Chu Wei Bor / May Wealth Come / 87x106.5m / 1991/ Mixed Media, Cotton

Chu Wei Bo / Purify005 / 146x80cm / 2000 / Mixed Media, Cotton


Su Wong Shen / Expression / 100x150cm / 2004~2007 / Mixed material


Tao Wen Yueh / Whisper of Flowers / 27x35cm / 2017 / Oil on Canvas

Tao Wen Yueh / Hometown of the Sun / 22x27cm /
2017 / Oil on Canvas

Tao Wen Yueh / Anywhere Door / 22x27cm /
2017 / Oil on Canvas


Tao Wen Yueh / Graceful Gathering / 91x72.5cm / 2017 / Oil on Canvas

Keng Hao Kang / Minnie,Ecstatic Painting / 60.5x80 cm / 2012 / Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed media

Keng Hao Kang / Mickey 60x90cm / 2014-15 / Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed media

Keng Hao Kang / Minnie 90x60cm / 2014-15 / Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media

Keng Hao Kang / Donald 60x80cm / 2014 / Acrylic on Board, Mixed media, collage

Jason Chi / Untitled / 30.5x23cm / 2014 / Gold and silver foil, Oil on board

Jason Chi / Untitled / 31x31cm / 2015 / Oil on board (left)
Jason Chi / Untitled / 31x31cm / 2016 / Oil on board (right)

Kuo Bo Chou / Bright Light / 53x45.5cm/ 2017 / Mixed Media

Kuo Bo Chou / Duo Dance / 60x50cm / 2017 / Mixed Media

Kuo Bo Chou / Clear Stream / 53x45.5cm / 2017 / Mixed Media

Jang Tarng Kuh / Spring Couplet-Wealth and Good Fortune / 40x40cm / 2017 / Oil on Canvas (left)
Jang Tarng Kuh / Spring Couplet- Wonderful in Green Jujubes / 40x40cm / 2017 / Oil on Canvas (right)

Jang Tarng Kuh / Fulfillment / Diameter 60cm / 2017 / Oil on canvas

Liao Yu An / Twisting juvenile 3 / 80x80cm / 2007 / Acrylic on canvas

Gary Baseman / The Goo, The Bad, The Ugly / 66x116 cm / 2007 / Acrylic on Wood Panel

Yeh Yi Li / Desire Like Lion / 40x34x50cm / 2015 / Ceramic, Ready made ,Gold leaf, Liquid Gold

Yeh Yi Li / Green Beast / 42x18x28cm / 2017 /
Ceramic, Ready made
Yeh Yi Li / Blue Beast / 43x18x30cm / 2017 /
Ceramic, Ready made

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